- including in the Supreme Court of Canada [participating in the argument of human rights issues in Bhinder and CN ][and as lead counsel in a recent motion for intervention for the railway industry in an injury case, CPR ats Zsoldos], and in the Court of Appeal for Ontario – such as in the Chippewas of Sarnia “Cameron Lands” case on surrender, treaty rights and rights of purchasers of reserve lands; and in the Six Nations/Haudenosaunee Caledonia “rule of law” proceedings in the summer/early fall of 2006
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- counsel & advocacy for regional & shortline railway operators;

- assistance in rail regulatory matters for municipalities;

- involvement in rail aspects of "Ring of Fire" potential;

- representation of a commuter rail operator & its insurer in the disposition of multiple claims, (both within a class proceeding and outside it), arising out of a major collision incident;

- resolution and conduct of human rights proceedings (visual acuity, colour vision, sexual orientation, age, etc.), and other employment law counsel;

- involvement in the regulated disposition of Toronto’s designated historic Union Station to the City;& in the Airport Rail Link project;

- lead counsel in several injunction remedy situations, labour & non-labour, contractual & aboriginal claims contexts;

- counsel in inquest procedings


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